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Monday, November 28, 2005

Where The Money Of Our Licence Paying Goes

Look at this BBC scrolling text

LATEST: Injecting drugs into the buttocks may not be reliable way of administering medicine

Next thing they'll tell us we have to take medicine orally or intraveneously...
actually what the hell is intraveneously!


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Human Bullshit Machine Is At It Again

Dundonian piece of shit and MP of smelly Bethnelistan, G'whore'ge Galloway is spreading more Ba3thist propaganda in Syria, or as the syrians call it SOOOORIYAWWWWW.

Here's a link to the transcript of what he said in Damascus University. I am sure lots of people graduate from there and get really prestigious jobs such as taxi-driving and hooking and maybe one day people will stop spitting on them and then the select few, the cream of the crop, might actually get paid.

Ba3thist George of course is feeling a bit poor now that all his funds are being cut off due to the fact that his benefactor has a grown a beard and is in jail being put to trial for killing a few million of his fellow countrymen. So he's going to all the other ba3thist filled shit-holes spouting anti-American and Western crap in the hope to get a few more money. I wonder for how much longer he can globe-trot between Syria and Palestine and pretend like he cares about them. Ah well I guess his greed and arsehole-ness will provide him with enough motivation.

He's such a pure Ba3thist. He's got the mousetache, the demeanour, the style of speaking and the walking around with an undeserved sense of accomplishment like all the other street rats, pimps/gawwads and sons of prostitutes that constituted Saddam's regime (those are the educated ones as well).

Actually having been to Scumdee, I mean Dundee, before, I am not surprised he feels like the whole world's taken a shit on him. It makes Derby feel like Las Vegas. No wonder he feels at home in gypsy Syria.

There's something in this speech that reminded me of the fellating speech he gave Saddam (The I admire your indefatigability and bravery thing). In this speech he's orgasming over Syria's president, democratically elected by birth-right, Bashaar "What the hell is a chin" Al Assad. He says

"I want to be very clear. I was clear in July, and what I said in July has followed me all over the world by the American and Israeli propaganda machine, so I want to be very clear again. All dignified people in the world, whether Arabs or Muslims or others with dignity, are very proud of the speech made by President Bashar Al-Assad a few days ago here in Damascus.
For me he is the last Arab ruler, and Syria is the last Arab country. It is the fortress of the remaining dignity of the Arabs, and that's why I'm proud to be here and addressing you this evening. "

In the near future when Syria gets invaded and shafted and the Syrian government officials (including mr no-chin) put to trial for their roles in terrorising their neighbouring countries, I wonder how dickshit Galloway will react to what he said about Bashaar. He'll probably say "I wasn't praising him, I was praising his barber for giving him a finely trimmed mousetache. I can never get it that nicely trimmed because my cancer-striken Palestinian DOWN WITH ISRAEL wife, who used to do it for me because I am an incapable attention seeking dildo, has divorced me thanks to an Israeli-American conspiracy."

For a guy who constantly goes on about Iraq, why has he never had a speech in Iraq or in front of an Iraqi-dominated audience (and no, an arabic audience doesnt count)? No wait, he can't do that because he'll realise he doesnt represent their opinion or he'd probably get sodomised by every man and his wife from the audience.

He goes on to say
"There is no chance of the American army invading Syria, for many reasons. The first reason is because the Iraqi resistance are defeating the American army in Iraq."

Iraqi resistance ey.. Surely he means "Conglomerate of All the Islamic Scum Brought Together From Neighbouring Countries + Poor Ba3thists (and a couple of communists thrown in)" but I guess they're Iraqi resistance, because smelly Galloway said so. I guess resistance to him is defined as kill 100 of ours and 1 of the supposed enemy's.

"Now the Americans cannot control one single street in any town or city or village of Arab Iraq. Not one street can they control safely. "

Does anyone sense malicious pride in that statement?

He bleats on about injustice in the world surely the occupation of Kurdistan by the neighbouring Arabic and Islamic countries is an injustice. Come on Georgie Boy, come to Kurdistan and give us a pro-Arab speech. Oh no wait, he can't get any form of money out of that to fund his lifestyle. I wonder how he really feels about Kurds?

I would pay good money to watch him debate with Iyyad Jamal El Deen or Mithal Alousi. Actually scrap that, I would give everything I got to watch him in a wrestling match with "IF YOU SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT MAM JALAL IS COOKING!".

On a final note, it comes as no surprise that this speech was broadcast by another group of people feeling down about no cash from Saddam, Al Jazeera.

Thank you MEMRI TV for showing the world what a piece of worthless shit George Galloway is. And Georgie boy... I wish painful death upon you at the hands of Iraqis and Kurds.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Return of the Xosh

Yes, that's right I am still alive.

For those who don't know (possibly outnumber those who know), I used to blog frequently on KBU (Kurdistan Blogger's Union) untill the end of June, then a couple of things happened that made me stop involving myself in that blog.

1. The needs of my active social life.
2. Completing my MSc summer project.

Now the above two might make some of you think that I should still be contributing but the next two reasons will explain why I no longer wish to be associated with KBU,

3. When Dilnareen, Sami, Hiwa and I stopped blogging it has officially become the most boring blog known to man. What's with the constant association of Kurds with shite art! And I dont mind discussing politics but you don't have to make it mind-numbingly boring?!?!

4. Finally, asshole medya and wahabbist cunt diri. Every since medya was made a contributor on KBU, he has basically killed the blog. He has this infatuation with leadership that if you challenge you get banned. That bears a striking resemblance to someone who was placed on trial today. You know the guy who was charged with the death of, as medya puts it, "HANDRED AND HANDRED" of Iraqis (P.S. did Mr God put DNA in your genes yet?). Let's not forget Diri and his constant "I am more Kurdish than you" argument whenever he has nothing else to say.

Coincidentally the arrival of the above 2 dickheads has lead to reason number 3. The blog used to be used as references by media stations and other websites (e.g. during the elections), now it's just a race-bashing page. Ah well I guess medya's too busy trying to build KBU into this fictitious media giant and has completely lost the point that KBU is a blog and wasn't aiming to be anything else. (thekurdistani is doing a much better job)

Anyway.... I hope this explains my absence. If it doesn't, go eat aids-infected pebbles that have been dragged through shit.

I know the title of the blog says "Return of the Xosh" but this is probably just the boredom of employment seeking that has made enthusiastic to go on this rant. I might constantly blog, blog occasionaly or never write another blog again. It would honestly depend on my mood.